The Friendly Troll

The Friendly Troll is a podcast with observations of the global tech industry from the perspective of the Global South. Our trolling is meant to enlighten listeners and explore interesting topics from a new point of view. The podcast is produced by CIPIT, the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, at Strathmore Law School in Nairobi, Kenya.

Episode One

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Welcome to the Friendly Troll!

A weekly podcast on all things tech, and the interaction between the global south and global north.

First things first, why the global south? Why a troll? Why is it friendly? Why another podcast?

Well, the global south is often seen as an incubator for the global north to identify and implement their solutions to perceived problems, but not often as a case study for what the global north can learn from those of us in the global south. And so, a podcast is born. Exploring tech dynamics in the global south in the context of larger tech developments around the globe.

Our inaugural podcast highlights one of Kenya’s leading contributions to tech, mobile money, and in particular, the solutions we have put forward to address the issue of mobile money reversal. This is something with which the west is newly struggling, yet we have experimented with different approaches for over a decade. 

This episode is inspired by this podcast by Marketplace Tech: 

Links from the show: 


A note: as of the publication of this episode the suspension on the sections of the Cybercrimes and Computer Misuse Act has been extended to January 2020 when, Makau J will pronounce his final Judgment in the ongoing High Court case.


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