An entity’s prosperity depends on its competitiveness which is based on its understanding of the law, the socio-economic gaps within the market, and the interdependence between the two. Intellectual property, often overlooked, can be the foundation from which fair economic growth and development oriented policies can be developed. On a large scale, good policies and stable political environments create even playing grounds for growth, wealth is only developed through the use of law and commerce on both a micro and macro level. 

This course explores the use of Intellectual Property rights as legal means to protect and commercialize Intellectual property within existing and emerging fields. Positioning itself as the intersection between law, technology and entrepreneurship, this course analyses the best practices and strategies to propel economic growth at the macro and micro level within the complex Kenyan environment.  

Program Objectives

●      To develop capacity and expertise in emerging areas of Intellectual property.

●      To provide a practical and development-oriented approach to Intellectual property.

●      To guide the formulation of sound policy and regulatory framework that shall govern Intellectual Property.

●      To exploit business opportunities in the existing field of Intellectual Property.

Program delivery

This course will provide an intense 2-day engagement for each module. The modules will all be spaced on fortnightly basis covering diverse areas within which intellectual property rights apply. 

Who should attend? 

Advocates, Creatives Managers of Creatives, Advertisers, Software Developers, Entrepreneurs, IP & Tech law Enthusiasts, and Social Media Influencers

The modules

The Business of Intellectual Property- Overview                 

The Business of IP- Managing Creatives, Influencers and Creative Enterprises.

The Business of IP: The Advertising industry

The Business of IP: The Software Industry and emerging technology


Course fees & Mode of Payment

The course fee is KES 15,000 per Module

Via Mpesa:            Business number 400222

                            Account number 1059#1006

Via Bank deposit: Strathmore University

                           Bank: STANDARD CHARTERED BANK

                           Account Number and Currency: 0102044844000 (KES)

                           Bank Branch: Karen

                           Bank SWIFT Code: SCBLKENX

Discount of 15% applies for a one-off payment for all four modules.    

Certificates will be issued on completion of all four modules.

Comprehensive booklets on Intellectual Property will be issued at the end of each module.


For Inquiries 

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*Dates of trainings will be communicated.*


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